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Where is your embroidery machine hiding? Is it hiding in the closet? Still in the box? Tucked away behind your shoes? Shoved in the attic? Hidden behind the couch? In your storage unit? Out in the garage? On the kitchen table under a stack of mail? Is it possibly the worst gift you have ever gotten? Are you frustrated? Annoyed? Not so happy because you didn’t get lessons with your machine? No one followed you home to show you how to use it? What stabilizer should you use? What, there are different size needles and points? Who knew embroidery could be so frustrating and confusing? A topper? What’s a topper? So many question and no one to answer them? Take a deep breath… because now… there’s an app for that!

The Embroidery Guru App is designed to help the new to advanced embroider with stabilizer choices.

The goal of the app is to take the frustration away from all embroiders and help them make an informed decision as to which embroidery stabilizers they should use for the particular embroidery project they are working on. The Embroidery Guru app will allow the embroider to select what type fabric she/he will be stitching on. Once the fabric choice has been made then the person will be able to see recommendations to achieve high quality embroidery. The embroider will see: an explanation of the fabric selected, the recommended embroidery stabilizer, recommended needle type and point. The app also has a thread converter chart link as well as a metric to inches converter link. The embroider will also be able to make a shopping list in the app so when it comes time to go shopping he/she will have the list of stabilizers needed for the next embroidery project. Soon the embroider will also be able to watch short, to the point, how to videos in the app.

There is a free version of the app and a premium version as well. The price of the premium version is $_.__ . There will be multiple updates and phases to the app to continue to make the embroiderer’s stitching experience easier.

Please visit our website for more information and navigation instructions.

Now since you have learned a little bit about The Embroidery Guru app I hope you download it and allow your machine to “come out and play”. I hope to make the embroidery experience fun and exciting for you. The holiday season is here and you my embroidery friend have lots of gifts to embroider. Don’t be shy, go get your machine out from it’s hiding place and let’s have some fun!